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image is MTI NLM Medical Text Indexer Providing Indexing Assistance Since 2002 with three arrows on bottom signifying data flow. Biomedical Literature > MTI/MTIFL > MeSH Suggestions
The NLM Medical Text Indexer (MTI) combines human NLM Index Section expertise and Natural Language Processing technology to curate the biomedical literature more efficiently and consistently.

MTI is the main product of the Indexing Initiative project and has been providing indexing recommendations based on the Medical Subject Headings (MeSH®) vocabulary since 2002. In 2011, NLM expanded MTI's role by designating it as the first-line indexer (MTIFL) for a few journals; today the MTIFL workflow includes over 350 journals and continues to increase. The close collaboration of the NLM Index Section, Lister Hill National Center for Biomedical Communications, and Office of Computer & Communications Systems continues to expand and refine the ability of MTI to provide assistance to the indexers.

Expanded The NLM Medical Text Indexer System for Indexing Biomedical Literature - PDF (324 kb)   An expanded version of The NLM Medical Text Indexer System for Indexing Biomedical Literature. J.G. Mork, A. Jimeno Yepes, A.R. Aronson. 2013.
This expanded version paper incorporates all of the material from our shorter 2013 BioASQ Workshop paper and also contains unpublished material providing a more comprehensive description of the MTI system.

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image is Indexing Life Cycle starting with Biomedical Text > MTI/MTIFL > MeSH Suggestions > MEDLINE Indexing > back to Biomedical Text.  In the center is a circle with Enhancing MEDLINE Access

The Indexing Life Cyle diagram to the right illustrates how MTI/MTIFL fits into the MEDLINE indexing process and assists in enhancing access to the Biomedical Literature via MEDLINE.

The Biomedical Literature is first processed by MTI/MTIFL which provides a set of MeSH Suggestions to the MEDLINE Indexer who then indexes the journal literature providing a detailed summary of the topics in the document. The topics are described using some (or all) of the following: These components are then added into the MEDLINE citation completing the cycle to aid user searches and ultimately enhance access to the document itself.

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